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PATRICK AND BERNADINE (Crescent Theatre, Birmingham)


This new comedy by homegrown theatre company Something and Nothing premiered over the weekend…it’s all about showbiz, friendship and accepting your place in the world, apparently. Dionne Mcarthy is impressed.

Patrick and Bernadine are a Brummie cabaret duo touring the crème de la crème of UK holiday parks, living in B&B's and entertaining pensioners and northerners!

After a 12 month stint netting £12000 between them (which would have been more if they hadn’t lost the Pontins deal!) Bernadine sets her sights towards Pop Idol stardom and leaves Patrick alone on the holiday circuit to pick up the pieces - with her crazy mother for company.

Dan Hagley the writer also played Patrick - he’s a Birmingham born writer/actor and a core member of Something and Nothing who produced the show. He plays the ostentatious Patrick brilliantly.

He was funny, endearing and wearing his Peter Stringfellow style wig and sequined shirt reminded me of a dubious ferry crossing from Dover to Calais that I’d hoped I’d forgotten!

Alison Belbin playing Bernadine’s mom ‘Reen’ completely stole the show for me. She was crude, lewd and definitely brings the comedy to base level but I absolutely loved her.

Rebecca Thorndyke was Bernadine and plays the straight character with fewer delusions than Patrick.

Rebecca plays Bernadine with loads of vulnerability and I suppose a more subtle humour bringing a grounded element to the play - although I secretly hoped that with the exit of Bernadine earlier in the play we’d witness the birth of ‘Patrick and Reen’.

Although they may never have gotten a booking, I for one would have loved to see them trying!

But ultimately we need Bernadine to learn the lesson that I think was intended by the playwright?

The writing was quirky, quick and perhaps worryingly smacked of real family life!

It was packed with Brummie humour, gloriously camp, camp, camp and a much anticipated finale managed to send me back to Minehead 1996 - memories of bad wigs, Cherry B and Barry Manilow came flooding back! Loved it!!


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