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It’s nosebleed time for Blues fans as they’re now ninth in the Premier League. But Andy Munro is casting his ambitions even wider.

I'm still trying to take in how things have taken such a turn for the better - the last time that we went to Wigan, the Blues' team took the proverbial long walk off a short pier. Now it would seem we're made of sterner stuff.

It's reached that stage when I reckon that we only need three more quality signings at the most in the January transfer window to consolidate and look upward rather than downward. Joe Hart is now settling down and, despite conceding two goals, the defence have a robust look.

In fairness the Wigan goal was superbly taken and no defensive error could have been blamed. In reply, Seb Larsson, who has probably been one of the less penetrating players over the last few games, delivered at a critical time with his well taken free kicks whilst Chucho's goal will do him no end of good.

At the time of the game I was in Scotland on a break taking in a Dundee United match(which incidentally also finished 3-2) and when I heard the half-time score of Blues trailing 1-0 I had accepted the inevitable of returning home pointless. Oh Me of Little Faith!

Blues now seem to have an unquenchable spirit which previously had been almost doused by a blanket of Sully cynicism which had also spread to the fans. Maybe in footballing terms, the Chinese New Year has arrived early and suddenly I've started to look at my European Gazetteer and dream where I hardly dared dream before!


Andy Munro would like to point out that 'my views are personal and not those of the City Council'


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