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Blues maintained their impressive recent run with a 1-0 win at Stoke yesterday – but Andy Munro is still purring with pleasure after their Boxing Day shut out of Chelsea, which even saw England star Frank Lampard subbed off.

In some ways meeting Chelsea in the middle of their ‘poor’ run was a concern as we all know that quality will eventually ‘out’. Still leading the league by a stretch,this was at a time when it was still very much the case of ‘Beware of the Drog’ with his obvious keenness to leave a lasting memory before heading off for the Gold Coast.

To add spice to the occasion, Daniel Sturridge,the young pretender, was suggesting that he owed Blues one due to their ‘mistreatment’ of his dad, Simon.

Typical Sunreader stuff with the newspaper getting his name wrong and conveniently leaving out the fact that ‘Dad’ actually played quite regularly for the Blues and scored a number of goals – the only reason that he didn’t play more regularly was the fact that he was vertically challenged and would have made Chucho look like Peter Crouch.

Anyway it was a great atmosphere and a sell out crowd and for a nil nil draw couldn’t have been more exciting. Early on a great ball from Fergie sent Cameron J charging down the middle to shoot narrowly wide under pressure from a last ditch challenge from Alex (personally if I’d been the big Brazilian, I’d have let him shoot in his own time!).

In fairness Cameron’s work ethic was superb but as usual he lacked that bit of coolness.

Chelsea had the majority of possession for a period and Joe Hart pulled off a couple of sensational saves whilst Alex almost broke the Blues’ crossbar with a tremendous 45 yard freekick.

Mind you it wasn’t all one way with Chucho having a perfectly good goal disallowed at the other end.As usual Blues’ back four were tremendous and if Jolean Lescott is supposed to be England material then Roger J should be a certainty for South Africa.

Scott Dann was also masterful whilst the Ridge is making the left back position his own, even finding time for some forays up the wing. I won’t bother to really mention Stephen Carr because it’s just implicit that he always puts in a peerless performance.

As expected, midfield was a real battle although Lamps was generally kept ‘in the shade’, whilst McFaddie was a continual nuisance with his trickery to the Chelsea back four which,at times looked decidedly vulnerable.

Despite a great free kick which almost decapitated Petr Czek, Seb was generally poor with his set pieces but he still battled away. Lee Bowyer had to curtail his runs forward to support Barry Ferguson who, as usual, was always making himself available to ensure that Blues had their share of the keepball game.

Up front Cameron and Benitez had enough pace, skill and unpredictability to ensure a fair share of panic in the opposition defence but it was still obvious that Blues need a natural finisher who can also play as a hold up target man.

Overall it was another excellent performance and Big Eck could afford to be gracious about Chucho’s ‘goal’ being disallowed.

Ancellotti was also quite gushing about Joe Hart although he seemed to forget that we also had our moments in front of goal.

By the way, for ages, I’ve been trying to figure out who Ancellotti reminds me of and now I know…sticky out hairstyle, strange eyebrow movements, slightly wacky and surrounded by stars – it’s football’s very own Patrick Moore!


Andy Munro would like to point out that 'my views are personal and not those of the City Council'


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