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Andy’s Balti Blog

DAWAT (300-302 Ladypool Rd)


Birmingham’s top balti enthusisast Andy Munro dips his nan bread one more time – this time at Dawat in Sparkbrook.

Dawat is undeniably popular and it’s conveniently situated with a car park opposite. It’s modern and smart inside without being overdone and service was brisk and friendly.

It was a bit disappointing to be charged for poppadoms but at least they were perfectly presented – neither chewy or flat, they were also accompanied by a small bowl of chopped tomatoes and onions with a separate dip as smooth as a Frank Sinatra CD. Whilst my partner predictably liked it, I thought it lacked any sort of ‘bite’.

My starters were Paneer Pakora which came in ingot shaped slabs in a nicely spiced batter…this latter point was particularly important because unadulterated paneer can make tofu seem a treat for the tastebuds. The other starter was Chicken Tikka and this was served up sizzling with plenty of onion…and it was good to have tasty tikka which wasn’t fire engine red.

There were a variety of main courses ranging from ‘Tawa’ specials and Baltis through to ‘Karahis’ ,with the latter being described as ‘ served up sizzling in a black wok’. I went for a Balti Tropical bizarrely NOT served up in a sizzling black wok!

In fairness it was perfectly palatable if a bit over tomatoey and slightly watery – my partner’s Balti Chicken Dhansak was similar if slightly drier thanks to the lentils. The pineapple content was a bit of a let down being confined to a single ring anointing the dish obviously added at the point of being served up.

In both cases the Baltis could have been from my local Bangladeshi Takeaway who wouldn’t recognise a Balti if they fell into one.

The accompanying Garlic Naan was of a good slightly fluffy consistency but it’s acquaintance with garlic was merely passing and if I’d been spending the night in Transylvania I would have undoubtedly been in trouble.

However overall it was a pleasant meal – very good in parts but mediocre in others – a final disappointment was a ‘no show’ in the free mints department.

To book a table, call 0121-449-4474



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