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Soppy bedwetters or sensitive souls with great hooks? I think we can safely say Dr David Nicholl puts Coldplay in the latter camp.

The Coldplay gig at the NIA was a true classic. We went to the Wednesday night show and I was amazed by the whole gig from start to finish.

Chris Martin and his band put together a barnstorming performance- the unsung 5th member of the band must surely be the producer who put together the multimedia extravaganza that came with the concert, starting with a laser show.

At times, I wasn’t sure if I was watching the most amazing rock concert DVD on the big screen with a cracking sound system or a fantastic concert with a brilliant video…when in fact it was all of these things and more.

However amazing Coldplay’s show was - and it truly was- the heart of the show was fantastic music. In a quieter interlude, Martin switched to doing a piano solo version of “The Hardest Part” joking that this would be his song if he an ‘X-factor’ reject. In so doing he highlighted just how good a song it is.

The surprise of the evening for me was when the lights went down mid-way, only to find that Chris Martin and the band had sprung next to those of us at the back for a couple of songs.

Their live version of “Green Eyes” at the back of the NIA felt like an intimate gig in a local pub- OK a pub with 10,000 regulars joining in the sing-a-long!

Then back to the main stage, and more fantastic songs and a great show- from the lasers, confetti to the 6 orbs drifting across the stage like left-overs from Patrick McGoohan’s “The Prisoner”.

The song list covered old and new- Clocks, Yellow, Politik, Lovers in Japan and others from their latest album “Viva La Vida” which has led to no less than 7 Grammy nominations this week. A super night- if you get a chance see them, I hope they come back to Brum soon!



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