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Dave Woodhall looks forward to two crucial home games in a week and is confident that it’ll be two wins to warm up the Villains fans for Christmas.

A point at home to Manchester United shouldn’t be anything to particularly shout about for a team claiming to have top four credentials, but when it’s the first one since 2001, it’s cause for celebration.

Just like the win at the Emirates, Villa weren’t lucky last Saturday, they got what they deserved. For the first time in years the team matched United in everything and, more importantly, didn’t seem to shrink from the task of having to compete with the mighty Manchester United. I’ve no doubt that the team will have learned from the realisation that United’s superstars are only mortal after all and grow in confidence for the rest of the season.

Saturday sees the team at home to Fulham, which, at least, is a 3 o’clock kick-off and should be more straightforward than the last couple of weeks, but you never know. Fulham have caused us problems over the past few seasons, but 3 points then a win against Žilina in the UEFA Cup the following Thursday should set us up nicely for the Christmas run-in. It’ll be particularly handy to go to the final European group match with Hamburg already sure of qualification to the knockout stages.

There’s renewed speculation about Michael Owen joining the Villa in January. He might not be the 18 year old who burst onto the scene what seems an age ago, but a fit Owen would be an asset to the Villa. The thought of him joining our jet-paced attack of Messrs Young and Agbonlahor would have every defender in the country worried. It would also be a good move for Owen as well. Realistically he’s not going to get a better chance of playing in Europe than with the Villa, and while there may be better strikers around, there won’t be any who are available during the transfer window. ; He’s the sort of player we need, he also has a lot still to prove. If it happens it’ll be a good deal all round.

And finally, Mike Whitby’s bright idea. Having Villa’s name included in the city is fine by me, but won’t it cost a fortune to change it from Birmingham to Aston?



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