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Carson Yeung

Carson Yeung's visit to St Andrews at the weekend prompted co-owner David Sullivan into one of his outspoken rants in the programme notes, calling on the Hong Kong tycoon to complete his takeover on schedule. On the field Callum O'Connell was more impressed by young Blues, than Yeung's blues.

A great weekend of Premier League football - so that's why it's called the greatest show on earth.

A battling Blues beat Wigan - who would have thought two years ago that they could go behind twice in the same game and come back to win? The answer is nobody, Bruce seemed to be losing it as we were locked into a relegation battle.

Now, we seem a vibrant young team full of hope, full of passion for football.

Once again, Daniel De Ridder offers us something we've lacked since letting Jermaine Pennant go but instead of just having width on the right side of the field like we did when he was here, we now have talent on the left as well, either with Kapo or with Mc Sheffrey. We also have a solid centre midfield with Muamba and Nafti.

Blues seem like a solid, reliable mid table team, which brings me to my next point - how do move on from here to be a club challenging for Europe? Answer… Carson Yeung.

The Hong Kong businessman had a 30 minute interview with Steve Bruce who came out happy - so does this mean everything is ok at blues? Like every other Blues fan I know, I hope so.

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