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There are reports that Scotland boss Alex McLeish is being eyed by the St Andrews board as a successor to Steve Bruce, but as Callum O’Connell reports, Blues currently have no manager – and no idea where the next points are coming from.

So another Blues defeat. Bruce has gone and the Carson Yueng affair seems to last forever. This could only happen to St Andrews.

First things first: Bruce left, meaning that our best manager in recent times has gone to a team which has a similar history as Blues… ie no history. He was apparently devastated to be leaving, but who can blame him for going to a club which can give him £15 million to spend in January and which is going to offer him financial security?

So who can replace him?

Obviously not Jol. Maybe someone with a little less of a reputation? McLeish seems like the perfect solution. He can manage a national team and almost got Scotland to Euro 2008 so he must be good, right? I hope so.

As to Blues v Portsmouth, well I would describe it as ‘a pile of Schmit’ (thanks, Stew for that one). It was another performance from a team which up front is worse then last season when, bear in mind, we had Bendtner.

We are unable to keep possession for more than 5 minutes; we have a player who cannot pass forward who goes by the name Nafti. We beat Portsmouth 5-0 two years back, but since then they’ve invested heavily and we haven’t. Look at the difference - there’s no secret to success other than a good manager and plenty of input from the board.

Carson Yueng? Well a man who is still raising capital for a £50 million move shouldn’t be trusted with a football club. An interest which started nearly a year ago now is still very far from completion. Why should we sell to Carson?

David Sullivan has a contingency plan (apparently) in which he’ll press forward with a new stadium if Mr Yueng doesn’t proceed with the take over. I personally would prefer a new stadium to be built and then for Sullivan to sell - that way it makes us a better choice for new investors.

So a new stadium looks on the cards but unfortunately what Blues need by the looks of the Portsmouth result is a new squad.

Should Blues call a halt to the Yeung takeoever?

And is Alex McLeish the right man for the job?

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