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The whingers were out in force on 6-0-6 over the weekend, blaming Liverpool's 0-0 draw with Blues on Rafa Benitez decision to leave £24 million striker Fernando Torres on the bench. Callum O' Connell gives credit where it's due - to Steve Bruce's battlers.

So the Blues draw with Liverpool - one of the teams challenging for the title this year.

I think I stand corrected from my last blog when I suggested Blues weren't on the rise; this battling point suggests otherwise.

It helps that Steve Bruce has a potential world class defender in Johan Djourou although he's only on loan from Arsenal. He'll help to tide us over this season, where Blues only need to avoid relegation. I think Blues will happily take this point from Liverpool and will probably deploy the same tactics with the next home game against Manchester United.

Blues in recent weeks have had several different 'man of the match' contenders, and I think this is good for us as it means we have a number of players in form playing well with each other.

In January I think Blues will have to strengthen the squad and there is one type of player that we are missing - an attacking central midfield player. Oliver Kapo should always play off Cameron Jerome, so we need someone breaking from deep.

It's been reported that Blues are expanding their scouting network in Europe - they need to take in South America as well, where massive amounts of undiscovered talents lie.

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