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It wasn't Blues weekend defeat by Manchester City that's got Callum O'Connell agitated - more the continued incertainty over Steve Bruce's future as manager.

So Blues lose to Manchester City 1-0 but there are so many positives to take out of this result - not least the fact that De Ridder and Palacios looked like quality players.

Then there's Steve Bruce, who has shown his commitment by not kicking up a fuss about his proposed managerial role at Bolton.

Bruce was a fan's favourite when he played for Blues and although he's had his critics he's been a hero while managing us, and has shown his desire to stay even though the club is in a state of turmoil over Carson Young's proposed take over.

Bolton enquired last week about the possibility of holding talks with him - thankfully the Board rejected that and Bruce has accepted this, to the point where he even seems comfortable with the decision.

It would be awful to see him go, but because Carson Young hasn't said anything about his future and left Bruce's new contract “on hold” there's a real danger of disillusionment creeping in - Yeung will have to move quickly to dispel that when (if?) he takes over.

Maybe after all David Sullivan was right to put a date on Carson's takeover - I'm sure many Bluenoses will agree with me that if he doesn't take over by december, Sullivan should pull the plug and sell to someone with a heart for the club.

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