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Blues escaped the bottom three with a battling point at Upton Park, thanks to recent signing James McFadden. But as Callum O' Connell reports, Carson Yeung is still lurking in the wings.

Blues at West Ham was never going to be a game to excite the neutral, but after recent performances, what mattered was that we could get some kind of result to lift us out of the relegation zone.

Well, we got a draw, and it was all the more impressive for the fact that we came from behind to take the point.

Sloppy defending allowed the home side to take an early lead, but credit to James McFadden who converted a terrific penalty after his shirt was tugged in the area by Lucas Neill.

The Cockneys moaned about it, of course, but there was definitely a nudge, and it was a brilliant pen – just inside the post. Just as well, because their goalie dived the right way.

On Match of the Day, the main talking point was Lee Bowyer’s sending off – yes he was unlucky, but Blues fully deserved the 1-1 scoreline, even if it sent Upton Park to sleep.

With Wigan and Reading losing, Blues were able to climb out of the bottom three – now we’ve got to make sure we stay out of it.

This week, we also heard that Carson Yeung is trying to get two people on to the Blues board, including Steve McManaman.

Why? Nobody knows. In my opinion, Yeung has no right. What did he invest in January? Not a penny.

The bottom line is that he paid £15 million for nothing – well, tough luck. He’s got nothing to offer Birmingham City. The only thing I can hear is the great sound of nobody caring.

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