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Blues’ failure to beat the worst team in Premiership history left Callum O’Connell so disappointed, it’s taken him an extra day to write his blog this week. Relegation rivals Fulham and Wigan won, too leaving McLeish’s team in the bottom three.

Another week in the Premier League another week of disappointment for Bluenoses everywhere.

Our directors can’t be serious about staying up; for all the transfer speculation we only bought two players in the transfer window and brought in one on loan – this is awful from Sullivan again.

Where’s the ambition? Where’s the passion? Why don’t Blues spend the money we’ve got?

So how do I rate the new signings?

McFadden: talented, but hasn’t shown anything in the past couple of games.

Murphy: set up Larsson’s goal looks good.

Zarate: looks a quality signing.

But although these signings are positive and I still think we will stay up, 1-1 with Derby, and a 2-0 defeat at Sunderland does not help Blues one bit – now it’s going to be a long hard battle to the end of the season.

Let’s just hope we can stay up and build for next year.

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