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Ninety minutes of battling endeavour couldn't earn Blues a point against Manchester United.....and there was more disappointment with the size of the crowd, with hundreds of seats left empty despite the stellar opposition. Callum O' Connell ponders a bad weekend all round at St Andrews.

Recent form - a win, a draw and a loss. Not bad considering the media have tipped Blues for relegation this season.

In the game against Man U we outplayed and outclassed them in every department and it was only one mistake by Franck Quedrue that cost us the game. Bruce outdid himself yesterday and it shows he has bought wisely and is not afraid to go after a win against the big teams.

Probably more important to Blues fans this week is the fact good old David Sullivan has put a time limit on Carson Yeung's takeover.

I think Sullivan needs to be a bit more patient with this as Carson Yeung can be nothing but good for Blues.

Does Sullivan think that him putting a time limit on the deal will have any kind of benefit? Yeung has already put down the money for a 29% stake, so he's obviously serious. There don't seem to be any big problems at the club right now, so why try and disrupt the harmony?

If Carson Yeung doesn't take over because of Sullivan's time limit then it could take just as much time before another prospective buyer comes along.

Back at St. Andrews against Manchester united, the attendance was 26,500. Blues' board have done it again with high prices meaning we can't even sell out against the league champions. David Gold has said that 'every team should lower prices by 20%' - if he was as good as his word, we would have sold out for Man U and would sell out nearly every game.

I think a petition might be in order ......

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