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As the clamour grows in the United States to ‘deal with' Iran's growing interest in nuclear technology, Barbara Panvel wonders which nation is the biggest threat to world peace.

The USA has asked Poland and the Czech Republic to agree to provide sites for a US defence system, with tracking radar in the Czech Republic and ‘kill vehicles' which will ‘collide' with overhead missiles in Poland.

The commander of Russian strategic missile forces warned that setting up such bases in Eastern Europe would risk undermining stability, and would cause Russia to resume production of medium-range missiles.

Meanwhile President Ahmadinejad of Iran said to the States on 20th February:“There is no problem with your demand that we close our nuclear fuel production and nuclear cycle factories before negotiating with us, but what we say is, if justice is to be performed, you must close your nuclear fuel cycle facilities, too.”

As the Americans are so fond of saying - Go Figure.

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