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David Blunkett has come under fire on this website for his connections to First Group – the US company that provides yellow school buses, which have also been advocated here by a Common Select Committee. Now he’s taken time to reply.

The issue of links between our elected representatives and transport firms was first raised in an article by regular blogger Barbara Panvel.

That was followed by a letter along similar lines written by Anne Haydock in the Birmingham Post, which Blunkett duly answered.

Anne wasn’t satisfied by that response and as the Post wouldn’t publish her follow-up, she came to us with a further series of questions for the former Home Secretary.

Here’s Blunkett’s latest – and we trust final – word on the matter:

I understand entirely the point you are making and the danger both of MPS being diverted from their work and in some way being caught up in other interests.

The point I was seeking to make in relation to the Yellow School Bus Commission was that the sponsorship that First Group offered (and the time that I openly devoted and was remunerated for) was totally on the record and was for the kind of purpose which normally would be seen as entirely acceptable - many MPs, judges and the like are provided with support and remuneration for inquiries of this sort.

Nevertheless, I appreciate that you may have an entirely different point of view, which I respect.



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