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Blues went a long way towards securing Premiership survival with a 3-1 win over Man City. But as Callum O'Connell reports a great game was marred by a poor attendance.

Blues needed the win but the way we beat Manchester City gave me just as much pleasure as the rest - especially the discovery of a new local hero, Mauro Zarate.

In one word the 'superb' little Argentine is amazing and I'm glad McLeish is talking about keeping him for at least another season although, I think we should try to get him signed for longer if at all possible.

The ref, Rob Style, was awful in Man City's eyes obviously - and they had a point, we got a very soft penalty for our third goal and our centre-back, Franck Quedrue, was unlucky to be sent off as well - but the only thing I was disappointed at was that 22,000 people were there to see it.

I really hope Blues can get their attendances up next year just so that everyone could get the pleasure of seeing Zarate.

We can win at least four more games this season and the relegation fight we're in might just seem like a walk in the park.

In other news the disgraceful tackle from Arsenal's Diaby on Saturday on a Bolton player deserved the sending off and I think Megson had the right to claim that Diaby should be banned for life after what Wenger said about Martin Taylor - I don't think that would have been to out of place.

The hypocrisy in today's game :)

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