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These are possibly more exciting times for Blues fans than they can ever expect come August when the season actually starts. Andy Munro enjoys a rare summer of optimism.

I’m on cloud nine in Blue Heaven as it seems that every time I pick up the paper,we’re about to sign somebody new. Surely this must be more exciting than the real thing ie.the Premiership season.

The Birmingham Mail is suggesting that Benitez is a cross between Maradona and Messi and that Roger Johnson will become a household name because he’s another John Terry in the making.

Even better,we are apparently in the hunt for Viera (last season we would have been lucky to sign Vera). Now in the past the Blues board could have been accused of peddling dreams by supposedly going for top names when they had no real hope or intention of signing them – Ronaldinho anybody?

This was usually a smoke screen for not making any proper signings and at least this time nobody could accuse them of that given our transfer activity so far.

The only cloud on my blue horizon was provided by the Sun newspaper which hovers between fantasy and fiction (fact never appears on their radar). Apparently a source close to McLeish (Mrs McLeish?) said that he didn’t want to sign Espinoza and it was Sully’s idea – let’s hope that this doesn’t mean the divorce papers are about to be served.

One thing is certain is that we now need to start offloading a few players…Tiny Taylor definitely, DJ probably, and Gary (mine’s an Irnbru and Coke) O’Connor probably.

Postscript; I’ve just received an e mail from Sully informing me and other Blues fans that ‘a new tannoy system is being tested as I speak’ …. presumably it’s still not right if he can still hear himself.

Even more exciting was the news that a new perimeter track has been installed. So I’m afraid I’m now going to have to make myself a chamomile tea and go for a lie down to try and contain my excitement!

Andy Munro would like to point out that 'my views are personal and not those of the City Council'


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