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Mosque Iran - by Richard Lutz

PHOTO:Richard Lutz

Amnesty International is calling on the blogging community to maintain the pressure on Iran's leadership following the recent protests in the country. Here's the latest update from Steve Ballinger in their blogging team.

The crackdown on dissent in Iran continues, even if it has been knocked off the headlines.

At Friday prayers, Ayatollah Ahmad Khatemi urged the judiciary to “…punish leading rioters firmly and without showing any mercy to teach everyone a lesson,” raising serious concern for the safety of hundreds of demonstrators who have been detained over the last couple of weeks. We’ve heard credible reports that some of the detainees have already been tortured.

Getting news out of the country is increasingly difficult though, with foreign journalists expelled or confined to their offices and domestic journalists detained. Earlier this week we issued an urgent appeal on behalf of 13 Iranian journalists who have been detained and are now at risk of torture.

We’re asking people to keep showing solidarity with peaceful protesters in Iran and to write to the Iranian authorities, urging police to show restraint when dealing with demonstrators and calling for an end to the clampdown on freedom of expression.

Bloggers have been more active than ever in Iran as they’ve frequently been the only ones who can get accurate and uncensored info out of the country. I’m sure you’ve been following it all closely on Twitter using the #iranelection hashtag – do follow our Iran tweets too at @Newsfromamnesty – but you can find out our latest updates on Iran here and take action for free speech here.



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