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Blair and panel

A new foundation was launched this week to harness the power of faith in public life. Dr David Nicholl would normally applaud, but is waiting for one simple word from it’s founder.

I happen to be a practicing Christian and normally I wouldn’t make a big deal about this. I happen to think my faith (or indeed) yours isn’t really something to blog about.

Nonetheless, sometimes there are things that demand a reaction.

The announcement that the most prominent Christian politician in the UK was fronting the Tony Blair Faith Foundation to promote the “creation of a new coalition to harness the moral leadership of people of faith to do good and to show the relevance of faith to the challenges of the modern world” frankly makes me nauseous.

I don’t mean to be unkind, I think the aims of this foundation are laudable but Blair has singularly failed to grasp the fundamental Christian concepts of remorse and atonement.

Other Christian politicians, eg the perjurer Jonathan Aitken, Frank Field (when he apologised to Gordon Brown recently) have managed to grasp the idea of remorse, but until Blair does I tend to think his Faith Foundation has more to do with spin than anything to do with faith.

If Tony wants any guidance on remorse and how to apologise, I can recommend a mutual friend - my former Sunday school teacher, Tom Kelly, a man who knows how to say sorry.

Tom taught me catechism many years ago, ended up as Tony Blair’s press secretary and apologized publicly after his infamous remarks over the David Kelly affair.

It’s a small world, but its always good to say sorry, no matter how big you think you are.

People, of whatever faith and none, will respect you for it.



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