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Birmingham Council’s deputy leader Paul Tilsley will unveil a new “Digital District” for the city at today’s regional launch of the government’s Digital Britain report.

Precise details of the development are understandably thin on the ground, but Tilsley will tell delegates at the ICC – including Communications Minister Lord Carter – about the plan to create a “showcase” zone aimed at attracting new media businesses.

In a statement, the Lib Dem group leader said:  “I am pleased to announce that Birmingham will create a ‘Digital District’ that brings together the innovative, learning and creative sectors enabled through a next generation hi speed broadband infrastructure.

“Spanning several hundred acres from the creative industries in Digbeth, our science and technology sectors at Birmingham Science Park and our world class developments at Eastside, it will provide an exciting environment for our creative industries and young entrepreneurs.

”The digital district will act as a showcase and business demonstrator to attract new businesses and inward investment and offer a strategy for economic recovery.

“It will provide a digital infrastructure that captures the ambitions of the Digital Britain Report, where the creative and digital media sectors and knowledge intensive businesses are able exploit the potential that high bandwidth conveys through the creation of new and exciting media content and job opportunities."

Yesterday the Carter report into a Digital Britain pledged, among other things, to create universal broadband access by 2012.

The event at the ICC will be compered by Stirrer editor Adrian Goldberg.


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