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Cornwall's Eden Project is currenty staging the Sexy Green Car Show - a peek into the future of eco-friendly motoring. The Stirrer's resident poet Brendan Hawthorne thinks it's a gas.

The road through Eden

is paved with vegetable extract

Heaven and Earth are now in the process

of changing their colours

Changing their standards

to fit the needs of the faithful

Turning bio-dome reservations

and bio-degradable facilities

into PC (Potentially Correct) policies

removing humanity's dependency on

pillaging the thin soil

and in turn creating

industrialised cultivation networks

between new-build housing estates

Places where nature lovers

can salivate to their hearts content

over waste product digesters and

where racing green is the colour of sex

The processes have already begun

A distillation of the verdant pound

and brown field economics

fuel the standing start to save the ecology

Run-start-drive without looking back

the under orders flag at planet Cornwall

is ready and rippling

in the eddy current breezes

of wind turbines and the disturbed air

of earth-mothers whispering past

in their agricultural tractors

They can plough out at junctions

transporting their 2.4 sprouts

towards recycled education plants

without the sense of guilt

All eyes are on the potato tyres and

cashew nut braking systems

Meltdown engines injected on

Ford's original ideas on transport

running on brewed alcohol ethanol

changing the concept of drink and drive

bringing out ‘put an artichoke in your tank'

advertising campaigns

and turning fairytale pumpkins into coaches

The brunch time nouveau middle classes

can discriminately pick their way across

their fair trade, third world import plates

from the pretensions of street-side café terraces

and furrow their brows in disappointment

at the predicted fall in stock market oil

and in the same breath rant

about the carbon cost of

sitting at a place setting on Table Mountain

in the school holidays

over a glass of New World wine

and a tower of chilli tacos

Copyright Brendan Hawthorne 2007

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