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Yes, he's boldly gone...Scotty from the USS Enterprise that is. His ashes have been rocketed into orbit leaving Brendan Hawthorne to muse on one star's final trek...

There’s been a few less for dinner

for a while in reunion halls

Those fan-base get-togethers

are missing

the biggest heroes of them all

Even Scotty’s now faced his final frontier

without an instruction to stand firm

No manly good luck handshakes

or cries of

‘Captain, she’s breaking up!’

following the after-burn

This science fantasy space traveller

has now gone boldly onwards

to where only the expert few

have ever gone before

and in so doing has faced the world

in proving Newton’s gravity laws

Spaceport America has launched

a new after-life business link

pioneering modest rocketry in

sending those who can to the brink

and so the part-remains of

two American vets

were remotely guided and

brought gently to their rest

Out on the edge of sub-orbital space

they placed sci-fi and reality

side by side in the outer space race

The race that fuelled imaginations

in reaching out further than themselves

beyond the dreams of sixties generations

and the optical eyes of telescopes

Further on than the realms of bookshelves

out to where quantum physics rules

And so here’s to the lives of giants

of Saturn Fives and pop sci-fi visionaries

that came together in a glorious flame out

somewhere over White Sands commentaries

Their bodies were sent towards heaven

those very special guys

Gordon Cooper of Apollo Seven

and Scotty,

Engineer of the USS Enterprise

Brendan Hawthorne Copyright 2007

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