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The Stirrer’s old film director pal Mark Locke – who made the cult classic Crust – is calling on Stirrer readers to help him out with a pilot for his new telly series. Here’s his personal invite to you…

Hey people,

as some of u may know I'm shooting a pilot (test episode) for my TV comedy idea Townies at the beginning of July.

Townies is about two guys who have to re-face the Fri night pub club trawl to find a lady 'the old fashioned way', when one of them becomes newly single aged 38 after 20 years of marriage, kids and surf and turf at the Beefeater.

It's going to be partly shot at Trinitys nightclub, Tamworth (used to be the Embassy) and we're looking for quite a few people to be extras so the club looks quite full.

We're shooting for two Saturday daytimes on the 4th and 11th July 11-7.

All you need to do is look like you're going out on a Friday night and be prepared to dance (often to no music, when we need to record sound!) or just hang out pretending to chat with mates etc.

As it's low budget there won't be pay but it should be fun and the bar should be open! Though we're not encouraging people to get drunk and free tea and coffee will be provided.

Then at the end you'll get to attend a premiere, see the finished thing online and fingers crossed even see it on TV.

If you're interested please get in touch by emailing and tell us which days you can do, either or both!

I'd rather fill the club with friends who will be cool and patient rather than people I don't know, so hopefully a few friends will wanna be involved!

Also feel free to pass it on to anyone else u know who's cool too.

All ages welcome from 18 upwards.


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