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West Bromwich Harriers

Black Country marathon runner Blind Dave Heeley collapsed just minutes after finishing yesterday’s London marathon…but it was West Bromwich Harriers team-mate Karl Moore who made the headlines, after falling just yards from the line in front of the nation’s TV cameras.

The race was run in sweltering conditions, making personal bests an impossibility for any of the serious runners; merely finishing was an achievement in itself.

Stirrer blogger Davegot around in 3 hours 43 minutes, some 13 minutes outside his personal best, and passed out shortly afterwards.

“I can only think it was sunstroke” he told us this morning.

“One minute I was leaning against a lamp-post, the next I blacked out, and keeled over. On the way down, I hit another runner who was suffering cramp, and then I head-butted the pavement.

“I split my head open, and hurt my hand. In fact my finger’s still bleeding.”

His co-runner Malcom “Mad Mac” Carr was in fine fettle, and Dave himself isn’t expected to suffer any lasting side-effects.

Karl Moore at least had the good sense to fall in sight of the finishing line ensuring that he’ll have been seen by millions of TV viewers. He suffered cramp, but heroically waved away concerned helpers who might have stopped him completing the race.

Karl told us: “The first 26 miles was OK, it was just the last few yards. I can remember approaching the grandstand, and I meant to give a wave because my son was there. But then I collapsed with 10 feet to go.

“The security people came to take me away but I said ‘no, no’. Then a couple of helpers lifted me and I was half-carried and half-walked up to the finish line.”

With typical bravery, Karl wasn’t dwelling on this year’s problems, but is already looking towards 2008, when he hopes to accompany Dave on the final leg of his record breaking 7/7/7 attempt.

“I still got under three hours though, so I qualify automatically for next year’s race”,he said cheerily.

Another West Brom Harriers runner Germal Singh also clocked up a time of under three hours - not bad for a first marathon run in such heat.

All of the West Brom team were raising money for Guide Dogs for The Blind.

Don’t forget that next year, Dave Heeley is planning to run 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents. To find out how you can help, log on to and watch our film about Dave here. You can follow Dave’s progress exclusively on The Stirrer with his weekly blog, and we’ll be the only crew following him all the way on his 777 adventure.

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