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Could a club which has had Kenny Burns, Robert Hopkins and Mark Dennis on its books really regard any player as too hot to handle? When it comes to Joey Barton, ‘yes’ says our Blues blogger Andy Munro.

A small cloud gathered on my blue skies horizon when I read that Blues were after Joey Barton. We’ve already signed up Bowyer and if one of the Krays were still alive then I expect we would have signed them as well to form the perfect midfield to put the frighteners on the opposition.

Now I didn’t particularly approve of Bowyer originally being signed, well though he has played - but beggars couldn’t be choosers at the time. Mind you, Barton would make Bowyer look like the Pope in terms of temperament (and although this probably means that I will never make a social worker) in my view a leopard never changes its spots.

You can tweak somebody’s temperament at the edges but you can’t really change their character which is something that I learnt in almost 40 years of playing and managing in junior football. I can see the Mail headlines already…’Barton in Brawl on Broad St’.

Anyway, do we want to play most of the second halves next season with 9 men? I recognise that Blues have, of course had their share of hard men in the past such as Martin Grainger and Liam Daish but at best they were whole hearted and at worst they got there as quick as they could when making a tackle.

Finally on the topic of lack of class (Barton) the zillionaires of Man City are spending money like a ‘Chav’ that’s won the Lottery and it’s a bit of a strange contradiction that they are trying to buy class without showing any!



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