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After the international break, it's back to league action for the Baggies on Saturday. Terry Wills can't wait.

Relief! It’s ‘business as usual’ this week when the Baggies attempt to at least hold on to their present second automatic promotion spot, ahead of the clutch of clubs harbouring the self same ambitions.

Briefly looking back at the totally unwarranted, useless, pointless international break my main hope is that Albion display a far greater sense of purpose, desire and will to win than did our national side.

No one is a greater supporter of England than yours truly. Whenever we compete against the top countries in either World or European competitions , I’m there, willing them on in the vain hope that one day they’ll afford a wonderful occasion to rival July 30th 1966 when I was privileged to be among the ecstatic Wembley crowd to see Bobby Moore lift the World Cup after that epic battle with West Germany.

Opinions as to what we can expect from South Africa in 2010 are to put it mildly mixed! Some are wildly optimistic claiming that if England can field a full side they can match the best of the rest, but SHOULD this option be available to Fabio Cappelo, I still can’t envisage England beating the likes of Brazil or Spain, etc. Can anyone, if they’re being truthful?

Brazil exude confidence, appear to be yards quicker than most other teams, possess technical ability that’s way beyond our supposed finest, can break at speed, and from their body language give the distinct impression they KNOW they are capable of beating the best of the rest.

But of course we won’t know the answer until 2010 when coincidently the destination of West Bromwich Albion’s immediate future will be determined!

Now far be it for me to suggest there is a similar scenario between us and most of our challengers who also hoping to prove that they’re capable of reaching not the Premiership, but from what we have seen from the opening 15 games it seems that should Albion fail to reach ‘The Greed League’ then it will be down to their own failings rather than outstanding performances from our opponents.

Yes there are some teams who will be difficult to beat and Newcastle have to be the favourites for the top-spot. But since the opening day draw against them if I was asked to name the team that played the best football I it would have to be Swansea City. But of course they’re simply one of the many teams who have supporters willing them on to defy the odds against them reaching the top.

Which leads on to Bristol City, a team five points behind, who cannot be discounted but should nevertheless be leaving the Hawthorns on Saturday a further three points adrift, especially if the Baggies can replicate the form that destroyed Leicester City in the impressive last away game.

Prospects? Providing RDM can field a near full strength side another win should be on the cards. The players are feeling confident and are seemingly determined to climb back into the league that’ll see the moneybags teams again being familiar names on next season’s fixture list.

Will it be another successful afternoon out or a frustrating afternoon ending in disappointment? Watch this space!

“Come on you Baggies”



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