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Edgbaston Cricket Club

Warwickshire’s controversial plans to expand Edgbaston recently won government approval – but questions remain about the demand for the game. A quick dabble on Ticketmaster reveals the forthcoming Ashes Test match still hasn’t sold out.

Corporate packages offering a match ticket and a hamper are still available for all five days of the match against the Aussies for £125 plus VAT. There are also places in the corporate suite at £225 on the Saturday – normally the most popular day – rising to £550 per day for a place in a box.

This comes as no surprise to The Stirrer – we’re aware of at least one West Midlands firm which has decided to informally boycott Edgbaston because of the extravagant prices.

The company has been a long time supporter of Test cricket at the ground, but felt unable to continue – especially in these economically depressed times – because of the huge increases compared to last year.

There’s also evidence that public tickets haven’t sold out either – even though this contradicts the official version.

Standard tickets are available from Ticketmaster – albeit “packaged up” with admission for the Aussies three day warm-up match at the same venue against Warwickshire. This allows them to flog a standard £75 seat for £100. Nice work if you can get it.

Oh, and as for those Twenty 20 games which we are told would reach out to a new audience and revolutionise the sport – er, Warwickshire are offering two for one tickets to fans on their mailing list for Sunday’s game against Somerset.



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