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Apple make great products but their customer service leaves much to be desired - at least according to Dr David Nicholl who was none too impressed by the company’s store in the Bull Ring recently.

Apple make fantastic products - the iPod range, the Apple Mac and the iPhone are all modern design classics, but why is it their after sales service is so dire? A couple of months ago, the external volume control switch fell off my iPhone. The phone still worked and I was still able to alter the volume on the touch screen of the iPhone.

Since I had problems a few years back in relation to an iPod warranty, I thought that I would leave it to get fixed close to the end of the warranty (in case anything else went wrong) and also so that I could then extend the warranty for another 12 months.

I went to the Apple Store in the Bullring last week and was faced with similar problems to those which I had with my iPod some years ago.

I was told by the assistant manager that this fault was not recognised by the iPhone warranty as "we have never seen this kind of fault before" but they could fix it for a cost of £169, which seemed a bit rich for a high-end product still under guarantee.

I pointed out that the iPhone was defective during the period of its warranty and therefore Apple are bound to fix it. None of the Bullring staff were budging from the Apple party line.

I asked who I could complain to, they offered me an e-mail address, which they have yet to reply to a week later and the phone number of their head office in Ireland - which I took to mean the IT equivalent of hitting into the long grass.

Apple did take the time to send a generic e-mail out to me the following day asking for “feedback” on my recent visit. I pointed out that “given the choice of having a surgical procedure and a visit to the Apple Store - pick the former as you are more likely to get a positive result” and left my phone number. Steve Jobs’ cronies have yet to get in touch.

It frustrates me intensely that such a high profile company as Apple which makes such high quality products should have an after-care service that is rotten to the core.



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