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Stirrer blogger Barbara Panvel encourages readers to make use of Solihull Lodge Community Centre - close to Highters Heath, Yardley Wood & Shirley.

Unlike Birmingham which generously funds its community centres, paying for all external structural maintenance and also funding activities within some of them, Solihull gives not one penny. Their community centres have to cover all expenses themselves.

The classes for young people - dance and Tai-Kwando - are well attended by youngsters from the ages of 5 to 18 and it is good to see such mixed age-groups working together. Contrary to the usual image of youngsters they show courtesy and self-discipline and to house such activities alone the building is doing a service.

It needs more regular users, particularly during the day, as it is operating on a financial tight-rope - every month paying high rates and heating bills is a problem. Weekend bookings would also be welcome - the centre offers a pleasant and inexpensive venue for weddings and birthday parties.

More - and younger - committee members are needed.

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