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AL FRASH (186 Ladypool Road)


It boasts of offering the best balti in Brum – so does it live up to its billing? Andy Munro investigates.

The restaurant has been established for quite a long time but in recent years Al Frash has become a little bit Al Flash decorwise with its abstract masterpieces including the famous ‘Balti Eating at Sunset’.

However the most important question was whether the food would justify the restaurant’s claim to be the no1 Balti Restaurant in Birmingham. Certainly the signs were promising with a packed dining area, even on a Wednesday night.

Things started off well with some excellent poppadums and a trio of dips ranging from a mild mint yoghourt dip to a chilli variety of flame thrower strength…a real culinary ying and yang. All served up on Al Frash logoed plates…lepidopteramists among you can decide whether the butterfly is genuine or just a Balti butterfly!

Starters were a shared mixed grill sizzler with tasty tikkas(if slightly salty), sleek sheekh kebabs and a selection of wings and ‘niblets’. However it was the main course that was the real highlight with my sizzling bowl of Balti Chicken and Aubergine absolutely superb with the bonus of the aubergine being tender without disintegrating into an anonymous slush.

The bowl was scraped absolutely clean with the aid of a deliciously honeyed Peshwari naan. My companion was equally pleased with his Balti King Prawn Pasanda which was in the Henry V11 class in its kingliness with masses of prawns floating in a sea of spicy creaminess.

Incidentally this wasn’t my first visit to this butterfly Baltihouse and I can heartedly recommend the Meetha Gosht(spiciness and sweetness beautifully balanced),White Rose(an unusual Cashew Nut take on a Korma) and the Balti Aphrodisiac (which is positively dangerous in mixed company!).

As a bonus the service was great with a couple of enthusiastic young guys serving things up with a disarming combo of efficiency and humour. One of the slightly pricier baltis but still brilliant value for money for a superbly enjoyable meal. This is one butterfly that is a real catch!

More details at To book a table call 0121 753 3120



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