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The West Midlands has loads of excellent parks, but some of them - either through vandalism or neglect - aren't everything they should be. Andy Goff has a prime example

Kings Heath park is one of those wonderful green spaces that Birmingham is blessed with. High on a hill, but sans a lonely goatherd, it's a place I visit a lot with my three year old daughter who enjoys going on “the swings that go fast”.

It's a park made up of wide open grassy areas and wooded glades, potentially attractive formal gardens and bits of micro wilderness. It has a café and a mini garden centre, Bowling Green and other facilities.

Near the café is a pond with what could be three attractive fountains. But and it's a big but the pond is filled with green plant stuff and floating detritus. Coke bottles, cans, paper bags and, on the odd occasion, a brave duck.

Birmingham Council spends loads of money on parks and gardens their website boasts “street trees and Sutton Park covers an area of 2,400 acres and is the largest urban nature reserve in Europe.”

So they throw loadsa money at keeping Brum beautiful but they can't clean up Kings Heath Park pond.

Come on BCC Parks and Gardens, you can do better than this. KH Pond could be a delight but it aint. Sort it out.

Kings Heath Park pond

Do YOU know of any other parks in the area that need a bit of TLC?


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