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Another day, another government gaffe about the environment, this time with the Prime Minister insisting that he won't be stopping his long-haul flights anytime soon. Andy Goff ponders where he'll go next...

Sometimes I wonder what Tony Blair's escape strategy must be.

He is obviously going to escape prosecution for leading Britain to war on the basis of lies. Neither will he be prosecuted for leaving a trail of unfulfilled promises behind him when he finally quits.

If there was a hint that a way might be found to put him in the dock after he leaves office he has an exit plan available to him - emigrate.

In the United States he is seen as something of a hero - genuinely standing shoulder to shoulder with the beleaguered victims of atrocious terrorist attacks. Indeed, there is at least one website ( that positively invites its readers to “Honor Tony”.

Most of his future earnings, which I'm sure will be considerable, will come from activities that will involve the United States; consulting, lecturing, directorships and myriad other enterprises available to youngish former national leaders who enjoy most favoured person status in that country.

John Major, according to The Observer, can earn up to £30k per speaking engagement and delivers "knowledgeable insights into the global economy”. What price Blair?

So the future for Mr Tony looks pretty assuredly bright even if it means he will have to flee the UK and take on US Citizenship, thus putting himself beyond the British legal system.

However, there is one flaw in his cunning plan. He has to live on this Earth with the rest of us.

Today he declares that he has no intention of abandoning long haul holiday flights and that “What we need to do is to look at how you make air travel more energy efficient”

He goes on to say that “Britain is 2% of the world's (carbon) emissions. We shut down all of Britain's emissions tomorrow - the growth of China will make up the difference within two years”

We are told on the one hand that our planet has reached a “tipping point” with regard to global warming and on the other, according to Tone, we can afford to wait for science to fix the problem and anyway there's no point in us doing anything about it as China won't join in.

King Canute knew he was on a hiding to nothing when his sycophantic supporters sat him on the beach and told him to stop the tide coming in.

Maybe Tony Blair knows that this is the reality with global warming - it simply can't be halted- but hasn't got the courage to spell it out to the rest us.

The last thing he wants to be seen to be doing is threatening our selfish point in courting more unpopularity now.

Of course, he can't escape the reality of it all - it's just that he might have an extra option or two that isn't available to the rest of us.

As the Blair's Florida holiday hot-spot sinks beneath the rising tide maybe he'll be heading to Cape Kennedy to make himself the first former prime minister in space - boldly going where few could afford, a new life in the stars. Or is that just wishful thinking?


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