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ABBA FOREVER (Alexandra, Birmingham)


Abba forever

Tribute time at the the Alex, observed by Terry Wills.

Judged on this ‘one night’ appearance at the Alex, tribute band Abba Forever couldn’t have done more to persuade a very enthusiastic audience into believing that Björn, Benny, Agnetha, and Frida, had decided to reform to underline why their brand of melodic music has been accepted as being among the finest around, and which 30 years on shows no sign of decreasing.

Opening with the Eurovision Song Contest winner that set them on the road to fame,  ‘Waterloo’ and closing with what has to the one of the most recognisable popular songs of all time, ‘Dancing Queen’, while in between performing all of Abba’s greatest hits, they succeeded in turning the confines of the Alex into one of the giant discotheques pulling in their regular Friday Night clientele just a short distance away on Broad Street!

‘Chiquitita- ‘The name of the game’-‘The winner takes it all’-Super Trouper’- ‘Knowing me knowing you’- ‘Fernando’-‘Money, Money, Money’ and a splendid rendition of ‘Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

They were all there, while hidden away were a couple of numbers not so well known but nevertheless well received by an audience that spent most of the evening needing little or no encouragement to take part in a giant sing along.

Lot’s of banter between the ‘famous’ four’, all attired in those ridiculous costumes, with the girls seemingly dashing off stage as often as possible to change into even more outrageous outfits, and at the end as seemingly everyone in the audience, whatever their age bracket, joining in ‘Mama Mia’ before ‘Dancing Queen’ left them roaring for more.

Interestingly ‘Forever Abba’ are not a Swedish Group - they are in fact Norwegian and recognised as being among the finest of the Abba Tribute bands.

The enthusiastic chatter of Abba fans - more than a few dressed to emulate their idols - confirmed they’d thoroughly enjoyed a very enjoyable theatrical night out.



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