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Blues tweaked the Tigers by the tail on Saturday - running out 1-0 at winners at Hull City. Andy Munro looks back on a rare Premier League victory on the road.

As the saying goes, you’re only as good as your last game and consequently those vile memories soon disappeared when we bagged the Tigers for three priceless points. In fairness I’ve always had a sneeking regard for Hull as they have a loyal fan base who have arguably suffered more than us over the years. However in the dog eat dog world of the Premiership, there’s no room for sympathy.

The match was a case of 25,000 bluenoses saying, ‘I told you so’ when McLeish ‘unleished’ Chucho Benitez. He ran Hull City’s backline ragged and illustrated what noses have been saying for ages ie. that lightning pace and skill is a pre requisite for any serious Premiership forward line.

Even so I felt sorry for him, at times, on his own up front, yet he had the ability to engineer chances out of nothing.

After his cameo performance I believe that he has to play up front with a strike partner against any team in the bottom half of the table. O’Connor, Cameron,SuperKev, and McFad all provide options and we can afford this luxury of two forwards ,with a midfield of Fahey, Tainio, Ferguson, Bowyer and Larsson to pick from, as they are all very comfortable on the ball.

Undoubtedly Chucho was a breath of fresh air when Bluenoses were in danger of having the breath stifled out of them by McLeish’s tactics. Benitez must also be a journalist’s dream with his nickname eg.’Chucho keeps Blues on Track’ or maybe ‘Tigers knocked down by the Chucho Train’ etc etc.

Additionally the defence is looking sound even if Joe Hart has had a few ‘Maik’ moments and Parnaby isn’t usually comfortable at left back although he had a cracking game against the Tigers. Scott Dann admittedly put in a couple of rash tackles but I don’t think that he did badly for a first game and between him and a returning Ridgewell, we should have an adequate partner for the superb Roger Johnson who is already looking a snip at £5m.

It’s a shame that the Vile game came a bit too early but when we have a fully fit squad and a couple of Carson Yeung funded signings, I think that we can look forward with some confidence to the return, having spent a fraction of the money compared to our neighbours.


Andy Munro would like to point out that 'my views are personal and not those of the City Council'


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