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Andy Munro continues his tour of the Balti Triangle and it goes with a sizzle at the Punjab Paradise.

The Punjab Paradise has been, like many baltihouses, family run for many years – a family renowned for its balti banter and customer care – originally the legendary Mohammed Shabaz and now his brother Tanveer at the helm, a Liberal councillor who not surprisingly also has the gift of the gab.

With its exotic outside palms, a gold clock that any rapper would be proud to own and a balcony for diners who are upwardly mobile ,it’s definitely one for the balti bourgeoisie.

Some tasty dips and a round of poppadums were soon followed by the house speciality,the ‘Sizzler Mix.’Literally a conversation stopper,the sizzle can drown out a conversation and is a spicy mix of tikkas, kebabs, pakora, onion rings and chicken wings. Mind you there was never any danger of me being too full to order the Balti Chicken Desi – a spicy home style dish with a drier presentation.

My partner’s Balti Chicken and Mushroom was tuned slightly more to the western palate with the Punjab’s distinctive coriander laden sauce . This was all mopped up with a coriander naan.(Allegedly the Pakistani Viagra). If you’ve time it’s worth trying your hand at a haandi – another home style dish slow cooked in a clay pot.

There was no room for a sweet but a very enjoyable meal nonetheless…. and a word of advice by the way.The old fashioned kettle in the gentlemans’ toilet is not for brewing tea!


Today's edition of The Stirrer edited by Andy Munro

Andy Munro would like to point out that 'my views are personal and not those of the City Council'


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