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Jaguar Land Rover are being promised millions in loans to make more eco-friendly products, but the idea of a Green New Deal offers the promise of a longer lasting revolution in manufacturing. Barbara Panvel reckons the West Midlands is ideally placed to take advantage.

“I find the Green New Deal concept a very good approach to our future, and it tackles many areas in need of attention. I have been aware of the Parry’s People Mover Company for a number of years. They have been persistent in their effort to promote this non-polluting mode of transport and this should lead to success...”

That was the verdict of retired engineer Patrick Shaw see link here who was asked to look at the websites of Parry’s People Movers and Localise West Midlands - especially their Green New Deal section.

Robert, a Shirley engineer who is actively involved with rail technology and tidal energy, sees the need for lighter trains - not only for short-haul but long distance. This would save a lot of energy on trains - and wear on the track, which takes further energy to repair and replace.

He is a member of the Engineering Integrity Society which recently brought together developers, professionals and academics from the rapidly developing world of renewable energy systems to focus on the technical durability of renewable energy structures and highlight the design and development of offshore systems, including recent progress in power generation from the wind, wave and tide energy.

A clearer notion of the technologies which would flourish under a Green New Deal comes from a directory which includes existing recycling and reuse ventures and others: Golden Fuels - recycling used vegetable oil to produce biodiesel, the Wool Clip - making yarn & goods from local wool, Waste Works - recycling/processing cardboard, plastic, aluminium, toner cartridges, Parry People Movers Ltd - manufacturing lightweight rail vehicles, Cwmni Gwynt Teg - farmers’ wind turbines, Sarum Solar - designs, installs, repairs solar hot water systems and Energy4all - community owned green energy.

It is good to hear that Felicity Norman, a West Midlands European Green Party candidate, is visiting such enterprises in the region.

She believes: “the Green New Deal would play right into the hands of people in this region, as a massive investment in the renewable energy industries would require an army of workers to work in the manufacturing of solar panels, wind turbines and more efficient cars; something the West Midlands can easily make its forte with the right intervention”.

Recently she visited Strip Tinning Automotive in Frankley, once devoted to supplying metal wires for heated windscreens in cars. Jobs at the company were threatened by the demise of the car industry in the region but now the workforce is increasing as they have diversified into the technology of the future and make tin-coated copper wires for solar panels. A Canadian solar-panel manufacturer has just given them their biggest-ever single order.

The government announces support for environmental technologies but only offers a few millions whilst giving billions to the financial sector with its dubious products. It is time to change policies, prioritising research and manufacturing which will increase worthwhile employment and be of benefit to the environment and the economy.


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