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West Midlands Unite Against Fascism has said it's "appalled" by the decision of the General Teaching Council to clear BNP activist Adam Walker of racial intolerance at a hearing in Birmingham yesterday. Walker had used a school laptop to post vicious comments condemning immigrants.

Using the pseudonym Corporal Fox, he wrote on a local news forum that the BNP had risen in popularity because "they are the only party who are making a stand and are prepared to protect the rights of citizens against the savage animals New Labour and Bliar [sic] are filling our communities with".

He later added: "By following recent media coverage of illegal animals and how they are allowed to stay here despite committing heinous crimes, I am, to say the very least, disgusted."

The GTC found a case of racial or relgious tolerance against Walker "unproven", saying that there was no evidence his personal views had affected his performance in the classroom.

He is now free to teach again, having quit his school on Wearside in 2007 when the row first erupted.

The verdict drew an angry reponse from UAF. A spokesperson said, "There can be no greater responsibility than caring for and educating children and young people. There can be no place in our schools for people in positions of authority who value children based on their skin colour or religion.

"Supporters of Mr Walker talked of freedom speech. Freedom of speech does not extend to incitement to violence, or agitating for the removal of minorities from the country.

"Britain is ethnically and religiously diverse, and this is a cause for celebration, not fear."

The BNP website claimed Walker was a victim of "politically motivated persecution" and hailed the decision as "a victory for freedom of speech."



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