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Scary Bones

Brummie in exile Ron Dawson's latest kids' adventure gets a warm welcome from Andy Goff.

Ron Dawson’s latest Scary Bones adventure is a romp - starring familiar characters Sasha, Ben, Scary Bones and The Red String – through a lost world behind the cliffs of the Jurassic Coast in Dorset.

A secret door opens and our heroes are locked in a land stuck in the past where Dinosaurs, both kind and a bit nasty, help and hinder their escape from Ziggy and Zaggy – two rather irritating cave men in search of a tasty meal.

Sasha and Ben, the children from previous tales, find themselves in many scrapes and life threatening situations.

Falling into deep holes, dinosaur traps Ziggy and Zaggy have dug, being caught in nets that dangle them from trees while salivating Tyrone and Albert -nasty Dinosaurs - prepare to make a meal of them and being saved by the interventions of The Red String, Scary Bones and kind dinosaurs – Durdle Doorus and Dippy Ludicrous.

It’s a ‘must read’ for parents heading to Dorset in the summer holidays as it provides the answer to a question that children may ask on the beach – “What’s that?”

There are times of tension, scariness, excitement and lots of fun which certainly appealed to the audience in this reader’s home.

Lots of alliteration and some songs – make up your own tune – along with funny characters – add your own voices - that can be engaged with make this a good bedtime read.

The amusing cartoons by Sue Burleigh add to the attraction of the material as does the addition at the end of the book of an envelope, the contents of which must remain secret until the dénouement.

The Scary Bones stories, a trilogy so far, has the makings of a long lasting series which should rightly prove lucrative for Ron if they are picked up for cinema.

The Dorset Tourist Board will be also be well satisfied with a handy guide to stimulate the imagination in a fascinating location.

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You can buy a copy from Mulberry Tree Books here



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