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Blues season ended in disappointing style at Bolton, but Andy Munro reflects on a satisfying 10 months at St Andrews – and then tucks into some ‘nouveau canteen’ at the end of season awards ‘do’.

I suppose that it would have been asking too much for Blues to end the season on a high but that shouldn’t be allowed to sully (and I use that word guardedly) an excellent season.

It was, however, a bit typical of our apparent end of season wind down – slightly loose at the back (never a nice state to be in),comfortable in midfield but with no real cutting edge, evidenced by Chucho’s swansong turning into a turkey.

Mind you, Blues did liven up when Chucho came on to give us a 4-4-2 formation. Cameron may have had a decent season but Kevin Davies he aint and ,much as I like Chucho’s spirit, Cameron would be a far better prospect playing off a genuine target man.

Blues did have a goal rather harshly written off but luckily, as we weren’t fighting for survival, the blow wasn’t a mortal one.

Subsequently I attended Blues end of season bash at the ICC which was a veritable parade of wiggling WAGs. Tom Ross was the host and after a typical ICC dinner which was more nouveau canteen than nouveau cuisine, Beverley Knight showed that some good things can come out of Wolverhampton.

The highlight of a very enjoyable evening were the awards with Barry Ferguson winning ‘Players Player of the Year’, and Joe ‘Sign Him Up, Sign Him Up’ Hart winning the overall ‘Player of the Year’ – alas too late to persuade him to stay thanks to the intransigence of the Blue Mancs.

The other notable Award was in the ‘Living Legends’ category which went to Stephen Carr – an award probably secured after his Nescafe style hand gesture at Villa Park – Paul Tait would be proud of you, Steve!

The evening was rounded off in a slightly bizarre fashion with a speech by Peter Pannu which was almost Churchillian in delivery with a smattering of Stanley Unwin.

Bizarre because it covered a range of topics ranging from Pamela Anderson and slippery foam to dead mice and the Daily Mirror.

Still, the audience were patient with Peter’s ramblings and illustrated that there is a lot of goodwill towards the current Board and gradually the ‘feelbad ‘ factor of the Sully regime is at last disappearing.

Roll on next season.


Andy Munro would like to point out that 'my views are personal and not those of the City Council'


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