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Dreamboats and Petticoats

A night of nostalgia as Birmingham Hippodrome's show gets the thumbs up from Terry Wills.

Billed as the 'ultimate British Rock and Roll musical' this Bill Kenwright production makes a welcome return to Birmingham - 12 months after fulfilling the original hopes and aspirations of its enthusiastic producers.

It started as touring production before moving into London's West End (where it enjoyed tremendous success) and has now returned to its roots, entertaining audiences that remember the days of the 'Swinging Sixties' - helped by the sights and naturally the sounds of an era that will never be forgotten by 'Golden Oldie' audiences.

The storyline, which is merely an excuse to showcase the talents of the young cast, is set in and around Mungo's Youth club in Essex.

The teenagers enjoy singing and dancing while on days out at Southend they extol the virtues of rides on the 'Big Dipper' , 'Bumping Cars' and 'The Tunnel of Love' .

The central characters, Bobby (Josh Capper), Laura (Daniella Bowen), Norman (Jonathan Bowen), Donna (Clare Ivory), and Sue (Carolynne Good) are 'happy go lucky' individuals who immerse themselves in an era when Radio Luxembourg, 'Top of the Pops' and their like, dominated the airwaves.

A virtual surfeit of songs from Cliff Richard, Roy Orbison, Bill Haley and the Comets, and Lonnie Donnigan ensured the audience enjoyed a trip back in time to enjoy 2 hours of pure nostalgia.

The whole cast earned ethusiastic applause from a first night audience to underline the fact that they had provided a perfect nights entertainment.

Yes, for those who remember 50 years ago, this is a great opportunity to relive the past, and ask why the music of today is so very, very different.

Whichever catagory 'Stirrer' Readers fall into here's a perfect opportunity to make up your own minds.So why not get along, and enjoy it while you can?



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