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Election 2010

Would you trust David Cameron with your daughter's pocket money. Respected business broadcaster Jeff Randall wouldn't - and neither would Dr David Nicholl.

With David Cameron the leader of the largest party, I have to say the prospect that he might become PrimeMinister is my worst nightmare.

When I interviewed him in 2008, I was struck by how little grasp of economics he had.

“Panorama” gave me the most remarkable chance to grill him in far greater depth than was experienced by any of the three major candidates in the leadership debates.

When we spoke, in September 2008, the banking crisis was developing. Not once was Cameron able to give a credible answer as to how he would cut spending, reduce taxation and yet maintain services.

Frankly, he was in cloud cuckoo land, and in almost two years, he has yet to give a plausible answer as to how his government would achieve this.

Today, he has that opportunity, but, nice man that he is, I am very anxious that neither he nor George Osborne actually has the foggiest idea how to approach the biggest crisis the country has faced since the War. Neither Cameron nor Osborne are the Winston Churchill that we need.

On the one occasion we needed it, during the 2008 banking crisis, Gordon Brown (despite his many faults) called it right - opposed by Cameron.

Don’t take my word for it. Jeff Randall, the BBC’s former business correspondent, famously said that “Cameron never gave a straight answer when dissemblance was a plausible alternative, which probably makes him perfectly suited for the role he now seeks: the next Tony Blair.”

Although, now he acts as a columnist for the Cameron-supporting Sunday Telegraph, Randall has been much more circumspect - indeed his silence during the election campaign has been notable.

In 2005, Jeff Randall wouldn’t trust Cameron “with his daughter’s pocket money”; here we are in 2010, trusting a potential PM Cameron with our economy in a hung Parliament. God help us!



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