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Birmingham business leaders have hit out a plans - outlined in yesterday's Queen Speech - to cap the number of non-EU immigrants. They warned that it could hinder their development.

Katie Teasdale, Policy Leader at Birmingham and Solihull Chamber of Commerce (BCI) said: “From balti chefs to ballerinas, very many businesses rely on employees from overseas, with specialist skills in engineering, the sciences and academia.

"In a recent survey conducted by the Chamber, 45% of members said that the capping of non-EU immigrants would have a negative effect on their recruitment procedures."

Teasdale said she cautiously welcomed the government’s decision to curb public sector spending and to institute reform, given the need to reduce the deficit quickly.

She said: “It is important that cuts focus on non-productive parts of the public sector and not damage the business support services which will underpin recovery and job creation.

“We welcome the possibilities associated with the decentralisation and localism agenda proposed but again, its success will lie in the powers and funding that local areas are given.

“It is right that the government seeks to address and improve financial regulation and not introduce more regulation of banks and financial institutions.

“We also welcome the Government’s pledges to move forward on broadband growth and high speed rail networks. Economic prosperity will be founded upon good infrastructure and the development of a high speed rail network with the West Midlands at its heart."



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