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The Stirrer’s less than flattering review of the Toby Jug in Rubery on a recent pub crawl has drawn a polite but firm rebuttal from landlord Robert Cornwell.

Dear Adrian.

I note with interest the comments on your web page regarding Frankley & Rubery pub crawl especially The Toby Jug dated 13/03/10?????????

I would like to point out that this information is totally incorrect.

You state as follows

'5) TOBY JUGG (Newman Way)

Only five minutes walk from Rubery, but tucked up a side road next to a new private housing estate. With hundreds of people on their doorstep, quite a few of them with money, how could they get it so wrong?

Playing drum and bass and pandering to the landlady’s loud-mouthed teenage son, this is a model of how not to run a pub.

Only my opinion of course – feel free to try it and tell me that I’m wrong.'

I took over these premises in October 2008 and we have worked very hard to transform the Toby Jug into a friendly community pub.

The premises was derelict when I moved in having being closed and vandalised for the 6 months before I moved in.

You may like to look at our web page to see what The Toby is today.

I enjoy your site but the article about Frankley/Rubery pubs is not correct especially as its dated March 2010. You’re welcome to visit at any time and find out for yourself.

With Kind Regards

Robert Cornwell

(Editor’s note: I visited the pub on Saturday 6 March 2010)


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