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Traffic jams, extortionate prices and long queues for tickets. Just some of the things Andy Munro won’t have to worry about.

Well, the only reason Wembley is in the title is because it’s the nearest I’ll ever get as a bluenose. At least it saves the anguish of deciding whether it’s best to meet the Villa in the semi-final or the final.

I suppose the scene was set for a Pompey win with all the media hype with Avram Grant being tipped for a knighthood and Fratton Park even noisier than usual with even the monkey man being drowned out by  a couple of extra bands.

In truth, we never looked to have the same appetite as Pompey and Cameron Jerome and McFaddie were ineffective as an attacking force which inevitably put pressure on a midfield where Fahy struggled and Larsson looked tired. Consequently there was no threat from wide areas and only Bowyer from midfield carried any sort of attacking threat.

Admittedly Liam Ridgewell had a perfectly good goal disallowed but Big Eck seemed to use that as a smokescreen to hide Blues’ deficiencies. Although we conceded two goals, I don’t particularly blame the back four and keeper although both Roger J and Joe Hart had shaky moments.

The Pompey two goal hero was a loan player from Lyon yet in the transfer window Big Eck had said that there was no one suitable to sign – if you’ll excuse the pun, I don’t buy that. Now I don’t want to turn on McLeish just because of a couple of bad results, as to all intents and purposes we have achieved safety already against the odds.

However McLeish is definitely safety first and not a gambler – yet, let’s face it, the real talent in any walk of life is that person who takes an extra risk or flyer and the skill is judging it.

The trouble with Big Eck is that he wants a player’s DNA and fingerprints before he considers a signing.In fact I have it on good authority that the reason the ruling Chinese junta are holding fire on Big Eck’s contract is because if Labour lose the next election then they may approach Gordon Brown on the basis that he is a smidgeon more interesting than Big Eck.


Andy Munro would like to point out that 'my views are personal and not those of the City Council'


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