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Dave Woodhall’s going back to Wembley. He’d rather be going to Cardiff.

And so we’re off to Wembley again. Of course, we shouldn’t be playing at Wembley until May. The only cup games that should take place there are finals, and not so many of them.

We I were a  lad Wembley was a special place, and part of that specialness was that the only teams allowed to play there were England, their opponents a few times a year and two sets of cup finalists. Now almost every team in the country has the chance to play at Wembley.

I suppose you can make a case for the FA Vase and Trophy finals – it’s good that grass roots football is rewarded. Play-offs are another thing; they’re a necessary evil and of they have to happen they should be over two legs.

And FA Cup semi finals should be played at neutral grounds. Old Trafford and the Millennium Stadium are plenty big enough for any two clubs to play these games at and if clubs from London complain about having to travel, well that just shows them what the rest of us have to put up with.

The FA Cup is the greatest football competition in the world; having the semi-finals at Wembley knocks out a big chunk of what makes it so great. But they have £800 million plus interest to recoup, so I reckon a Stirrer XI could have a game there if we paid the FA enough.

Not that it seemed to matter at half past two last Sunday. Villa were crap, two down and it could have been more. Then we turned into world-beaters for twenty minutes, rode our luck a bit and held out.

The Spirit of Bert Millichip gave us the toughest draw, but if you’re going to win the cup you have to play a top side eventually. And now Chelsea are finally up against one, ho ho ho.



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