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Hazel O'Connor

There’s an eighties revival coming up in Leamington with new gigs at the Assembly including a visit by agit-punks New Model Army and a world premiere from Hazel O’Connor.

New Model Army were one of the more worthy members of the third, or maybe fourth, wave of punk. While too many of their contemporaries were all about who could cultivate the tallest mohican or sniff more glue than the rest, NMA were offering an enlightened outlook on eighties life. They’re still going strong after thirty years and are appearing at the Assembly on March 18th. Tickets are £17.50

It’s also thirty years since Hazel O’Connor starred in the film Breaking Glass. The film may not have worn well but its soundtrack, including Eighth Day and smooch classic Will You was always worth a listen. To celebrate the anniversary Coventry-born Hazel has teamed up with local band the Subterraneans and will be performing all the songs from the film for the first time. It’s at the Assembly on 25th March and tickets for this one cost £15.

For more details check out or ring 01926-523001.



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