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After the excitement of the cups it’s been back to routine league games for the Villa. Dave Woodhall casts his eye on what’s been going on in B6.

As things stand we’re halfway through a run of what my mate Paul would call ‘meh’ games. They’re not very inspiring, nothing to look forward to and none of them are particularly easy, but we have to get something out of them all if that fourth place is going to be won.

This tour of mediocrity kicked off at Stoke last Saturday. Stoke’s another new ground tuck out on the edge of town with nothing to do before the game except stand outside moaning that there’s nothing to do.

When every home supporter you ask tells you the best place to drink is in another town you know you’re not in for a particularly interesting afternoon. And so it proved, with the 0-0 scoreline matching the game, the place and the weather.

Last night we were in Wigan, another new ground, which is at least on the outskirts of town and has some attractions to hand. The Asda over the other side of the car park, for example.

We played well in the first half, got what proved to be a winner in the second, then closed the game out to pick up a useful three points. It wasn’t pretty, but it was effective. Well done us.

Wolves on Saturday shouldn’t be too much of a problem. It isn’t a proper local derby in the true sense of the word and although Wolves have run into a bit of form lately there’s a reason why they’re battling relegation and we’re in contention for the Champions League. Far be it from me to be arrogant (!), but this is the sort of game that has to be won with the minimum of fuss.

And finally, next week sees the arrival of Sunderland. Mr KingEdwardface always seems to get his teams playing against the Villa, but again we’re better than them and we should be able to prove it easily enough.

Four pints won already, another six to come and that should be a good haul before the games start to get harder.



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