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The League Cup final is over. But as Dave Woodhall says, there are bigger battles ahead.

Ah well, it was good while it lasted. For a few minutes we looked the better team and it seemed as though we might be bringing our favourite trophy home.

But it wasn’t to be, and in the end we lost to the better team. We showed them too much respect, our forward line wasn’t threatening enough and Wayne Rooney. Vidic should have been sent off, there’s no question about it, but in the end would that have made any difference? Maybe. You are never, ever, though, going to get a sending-off four minutes into a cup final.

You saw the game, you’ll have your own opinion, so I may as well concentrate on the rest of the occasion.

Where did the money go? Wembley is one great big bland, featureless, identikit bowl created with the sole intention, or so it seemed, of sucking every available penny out of its customers. They didn’t even have the TVs switched on in the concourses at half time and it’s hard to argue with the reasoning that this was because they would distract from the real intention of eating, drinking and generally adding to the stadium’s coffers.

It’s better than the previous dump, but at last the old one had a bit of character, even with the crap views and Somme-like toilets. The view was good yesterday, though. For £800 million it had better be.

And the build-up to the match. One big Carling corporate fest, compete with what looked like a load of curtains on the pitch and flamethrowers when the teams came out.

Or maybe I’m just being a miserably old git, something that’s coming worryingly easy to me, and made worse by being sent to the wrong tube station and having to catch two buses then walk through a hailstorm. I’m sure that come.

May, when we’re making our third visit to the ground within three months, it will be wonderful.



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