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Dave Woodhall reminds us that while extremists might grab the headlines, the truth is far different.

There was a clip on the news last night showing the Mercian regiment parading through Oldbury town centre to mark its return from a tour of duty in Afghanistan.

As you’d expect, the streets were lined with people showing their appreciation of the soldiers who have been risking their lives over there.

There were white, black and Asian faces amongst the crowd. Christians, Sikhs, Muslims and atheists. No protests, no signs of dissent. Just a genuine and sincere outpouring of gratitude.

I bet it doesn’t make the front page of the national newspapers.

Oldbury is a multi-cultural area. It’s close to Handsworth and Smethwick, homes of two of the oldest and largest Asian and black communities in the country. It’s close to Dudley, where the English Defence League proposes to stick its ugly, unwanted nose next month.

It’s shown that its people have no support for extremists of any colour or belief, that they might not necessarily approve of the war in Afghanistan but they still have respect for those who have been sent to fight it. It’s shown that it’s typical of every town and city in the country.

And good news doesn’t sell newspapers.



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