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Dave Woodhall has been surfing around the internet and discovered a remarkable man, whose deeds deserve a wider audience.

While researching the piece I did yesterday about drink driving and sundry motoring offences, I came across a very interesting character. I didn’t know whether to commiserate with his bad luck or congratulate him for battling to overcome setbacks, but he definitely needed recognition.

His name is Dan Strauss, and this is his story....

Acording to the website Dan was just an ordinary, hardworking good guy, who one night had a few beers after work, went home and then got called out to bring his daughter home in an emergency. He was pulled over by the police and found to his amazement that he was over the drink-driving limit.

Not wanting to get the maximum sentence, Dan had the good fortune to stumble across some amazing secrets known only to the upper echelons of the legal profession, got a small fine and the minimum ban and learned his lesson.

He now works as a consultant to motorists on similar charges, doesn’t do too much work because he prefers the simple life, and he wants to share his good fortune with the rest of us. Best of all it’ll only cost £39.95. Plus VAT. Good old Dan, eh?

I did a bit more digging, and guess what? Dan really is unlucky. He’s picked up a string of speeding fines, leading to a ban. But no matter, he know how to get then cancelled. And he’s set up where we can all share in this knowledge. For £39.95.

It gets better. Dan got wheel clamped the other week. Yes, you guessed it. It’s the usual price, but there’s special offer until midnight tonight – £15. And probably until midnight tomorrow night as well.

Dan repeatedly mentions the importance of writing letters should you be in need of his services. Maybe the reason he’s so good at them is because Dan is himself a successful author, willing to once more share the secrets, this time of the literary trade, with us.

This one’s covered by Dan’s overseas department – it costs $49.95. If you want to publish yourself and get a good relationship going with Amazon, there’s whch draws on Dan’s 25 years in the trade, working for some major publishing houses.

Maybe he had to branch out overseas because he was too busy running which gives you an insight into the secret world of mystery shopping (so secret the legitimate companies advertise all over the internet) for the bargain price of £39.95. Sorry, make that £9.95 until tonight.

Whatever he’s up to now, Dan is a truly wonderful man. All these setbacks in his life and he’s not only survived them, he’s willing to use his expertise for the betterment of others.

Dan Strauss, I salute you. You deserve a medal. To get one send £39.95 to



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